Monday, 14 March 2011

For Those About to Run (We Salute You)

I can't even face a bottle of Yop! today, that's how serious it is.

The first signs of Deadly Manflu were evident last Monday when i came home from work and instead of going for my second run of the day i had an hour in bed instead. I thought i was just a bit tired after a few weeks with some pretty hard running but i've now had the sorest sore throat ever encountered by a human, i've been feverish for days and now all the glands in my neck are swollen and sore. But  today's most serious development is a loss of appetite... that's when i know it's bad.

Hence a blog post. You know when one of those comes around i'm either tapering, recovering, injured or ill. 

It seems a world away from Caesars now. I felt recovered pretty quickly and put in some good mileage in November and December. In fact December was great for training with all the snow, it was also good for getting in night runs on Benarty because it's so much easier to see with snow cover reflecting the torchlight so much better. I clocked up the best part of 400 miles in some really testing conditions and felt like i was reaping the benefits in January with some good strong runs. I thought i'd have a go at the Country to Capital race in London as a first ultra of the year but it proved to be a bit of a mistake. It was just far too flat and too much canal path/road for me, as a result i really struggled to run well and didn't enjoy it at all. I don't think i'll do another race like that again unless i can put in the right training (i.e flat stuff) ...but i always say that!

It's been kind of stop-start since C2C with a hip niggle causing me to take 10 days off running and now it's been a week since i've even managed a run... oh well here's to a resurrection at Hardmoors 55 on Saturday!

Paragliding above Loch Leven