Monday, 23 February 2009

Sometimes you've just got to tell your body to shut up....!

A 750 mile round trip, 35 mile race and about 5 gallons of coffee made for an eventful weekend.

There was still about half an hour to go before the start of yesterdays Draycote Water 35 mile race and I was trying to make up my mind. Should I just pull out and cheer the other Carnegie runners on who I'd travelled down with? I just didn't feel things were right and the freezing wind that was blasting us didn't make me feel much better about it. I got changed and before I could make my mind up I was on the start line and off and running.

After about 45 mins I had completed the first lap of 7 (this was a longer one to make the distance up) then lap 2 went in at about 33 mins and lap 3 about the same. So far so good, I felt pretty comfortable and my knee was perfect! lap 4 was a wee bit slower and I lost about 2 1/2 mins on lap 5 because I had to stop at the loos, no avoiding it, and lap 6 I lost 2 places as I slowed quite a bit but I felt good and steady at the end to finish in 7th place in 4 hours 21 and a bit. I went through the marathon in 3:11 as well which is a marathon pb for me!( I've only done 2, about 10 years ago).

So, children, the moral of the story is don't listen to your body when it's complaining, just give yourself a good kick up the butt and get on with it!

Today I'm knackered... maybe I should go out and get in a quick 20 miles...??!


Brian Mc said...

How about your itchy bum problems? Have they disappeared? I'm sure the world is keen to know, and you must be keen to tell. :-)

JD said...

never mind your itchy bum; what about bitchy tum?! Well done Ritchie

kate said...

good work-hope the knee's still ok ;) i will try this philosophy out tomorrow morning as i try and run to work!

Thomas said...

Well done Richie, not bad 3:10 for a Marathon split. Also I am glad that there is someone else out there who does the occasional long run on tarmac :-)

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

...And sometimes your body tells you to shut up. In my case it's the latter :-)

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

The bum has healed up well, so to speak, and so has all the other nigglies! Another post is imminent folks!!