Sunday, 21 June 2009

West Highland Way Race - Update

Just a quick post to say yesterdays West Highland Way Race went like a dream. I ran a time I'd never in my wildest dreams believed I could do, 16 hours 24 minutes, beating last years PB by 2hours and 3 minutes! It gives me the 4th fastest time ever!

It was an amazing race to be involved in with 95 miles of real racing, competing for places and pushing each other to the very limits. I finished in 3rd place and now need to go and lie down in a darkened room and let it all sink in..... (report to follow)


WHW Runner said...

Absolutely brilliant Richie.

Peter Duggan said...

Seconded. Absolutely brilliant! :-)

John Kynaston said...

Congratulations Ritchie.

On a recent run I remember you saying that you'd love to go under 18hrs so 16hrs 24mins is amazing.

I look forward to reading your report about how you did it!!


PS sorry I didn't a chance to speak to you at the prize giving

kate said...

awesome, what a fantastic time :)

Brian Mc said...

Superb Richie! Absolutely magic.


Marco Consani said...

Awesome run Richie. You have had a great year and all that hard training is really paying off for you.
I am really looking forward to reading how you do it. :-)

Speak soon


Silke said...

Richie, absolutely amazing achievement! Congratulations!
And thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. See you around.

Thomas said...

what an amazing time! I knew you could do better than 18:27 but more than two hours faster than your previous PB is an absolute dream. A world class performance!


Graeme Colquhoun said...


Lucy told me how you got on! Absolutely awesome!


Graeme Colquhoun

Sarah Ridgway said...

Hi Richie - brilliant run - congratulations - look forward to reading the report - cheers, Sarah

William said...

Fantastic improvement, well done and look forward to reading how you did it. William

Billy said...


Congratulations on your Brilliant run. Your preparation (including taper?!)was obviously spot-on.


Anonymous said...


Well done, thought your run was superb.
Keep up the good work.

What next?

Paul H

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Sorry for the delayed response...congratulations on an outstanding performance!

I think you should make up some training/nutritional tips and see how many people follow them :-) ha ha. I'm already hearing about lentil soup, mash and ketchup and putting the treadmill in a heated room.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Thanks to everyone for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

It all just seemed to come together on the day, I'm not sure that I did any one thing in training that made the difference, I think it's more a combination of lots of things over a period of time. I may put a post together about how I've been training lately but there isn't really anything revolutionary going on ( except the mashed tatties, of course)

Debs, shhhhh! don't tell all my secrets ;o)