Monday, 31 August 2009

Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie - Update

I made it!

The UTMB organisation delivered yet again with this superb new race. It was like Stuc a' Chroin, The Ben, Glen Rosa, Jura and Borrowdale all rolled into one with some trail added in for good measure. The route was really quite technical with loads of rock hopping, scrambling and even some scree running. I finished 24th from 632 starters in 17 hours 16 mins.

I'll post a full report soon. Some good pics of the route HERE

Brian, me, George and Drew showing off our gilets... ooh la la!!


John Kynaston said...

Well done Richie.

Look forward to readin all the details which no doubt will include all you ate!!


kate said...

a fantastic result, even more so considering you latest adventures! i'm guessing at least 2lt of coke and chocolate milk, crisps and assorted pastries ;)

Brian Mc said...

Great race Ritchie. Thanks for your advice and company in Chamonix - it was good fun. I look forward to seeing you race in a sun visor and compression socks soon.

lesleyh said...

Oh very fetching indeed! Great result Richie :o)

Stewart said...

Well done Richie. Those snaps are great. What's this about you eating all the time? They've obviosuly not met me! Osc.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

You rock! ' Nuf said.

Sarah Ridgway said...

g'day Richie

well done again on your star run - hope you are recovering quickly - thanks heaps for the company after the race !

maybe see you at the Ben


Anonymous said...

Brilliant run, superb result.

Fancy running from North Queens ferry to St Andrews and back tonight?...before you say yes I'm only joking!

Well done. and as Dario would say to you..." a class run from a real class runner"

Break open a truckload of Digestives. You earned them.

Bob ALlison

Anonymous said...

Well done Richie, great run as usual.

Off to the Ben this weekend but was going to run the WHW Kinlochleven to the race before the race if you fancy it? Steady pace, probably leave mid morning..

drop us a text if you fancy a run..

(BTW this isn't a race warm up, I'm missing the race..)

If not see you at Keswick, hope the recovery is going well



The Sunday Adventure Club said...

thanks for all the comments, full details are posted now :o)