Friday, 18 September 2009

Commonwealth Champs 24hour Update

Todays 24 hour race finished with Scotland winning team bronze for men and ladies. For me it was a disaster. It was going wrong early on with a shoe change needed due to foot pain, which is an early warning of fatigue for me. At about 9pm every time I ate I threw-up and I ran through the night eating next to nothing,still throwing up and rapidly losing energy. At about 8.30am, when the team prize was in the bag, I was able to stop.

Steve and William had great runs notching up 145m+ and 130m+ respectively, I managed approx. 106m. i'm glad it's all over, I've never had such a bad experience in a race before, my legs and body are completely trashed. Even Harry Potter couldn't have put some magic into that performance.


John Kynaston said...

Well done Richie. Sounds like one long race too many!

Congratulations on your third place in the team event.

Recover well.


lesleyh said...

Great team effort Richie. Put your feet up and munch some biscuits for a while before embarking on the next adventure :o)

kate said...

well done team! good effort for sticking in there when the going got tough. take it easy :)

Brian Mc said...

Good man for making sure the team prize was in the bag. Have a good rest now, eat chips and curry sauce and the magic will be back in no time.


norman mclennan said...

well done ritchie...take a break:-)
must have been a great experience and honour to run and win a medal for your country
cheers and all the best

Fiona Rennie said...

Aye Richie, ya did no bad fur a bloke wi' man puke!
If you can finish that race you conquer anything!

Enjoy your chocolate hobnobs
Fiona X

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

thanks for all the comments, now IS time for a rest so i'm going to take your advice for once! :o)