Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hard As Nails

Welcome to the new Sunday Adventure Club "How To Do Stuff" feature!

Now that the great chocolate orange festival is over and as we gear up for the great chocolate egg festival I thought I'd share with you some ideas on how to do stuff. This tip is going to get you out running again in the big freezer, before you know it you'll be back out pounding the pavement, 6 minute mile-ing past old biddies clinging on to railings who will stare in wonder as they make another epic journey to the shops for Pandrops.

You could go out and buy some running "crampons" some of which have been reviewed by Pete here but they'll set you back a few quid. The inspiration for this came from this Screw Shoe blog.  Problem was when I went to B&Q (other hardware stores that provide a bag to get your bits home are also available...) I couldn't find sheet metal screws or anyone who had heard of them. So, I came home, tried a few alternatives and found that this worked best.

You will need : 1 x hammer, a couple of dozen carpet tacks approx 18mm long, 1 x old pair of running shoes (pref. without "air" soles as this could cause problems!)

A(t) tack
Step 1:

Pick up shoe and turn it upside down, then hold hammer in a manly fashion and hammer the nails in at an angle until only the nail head, at an angle, is sticking out. It's best to vary the angle so you grip in different directions, so nail some aiming towards the front of the shoe and some towards the back.

Step 2:

Make sure none of the nails are going through into the shoe as this might slow you down a bit. If they are then pull them out and hammer back in at more of an angle.

Step 3:

Find some ice and have a speed session!

I ran in mine for an hour and a half last night and did wonder about being able to feel them through the bottom of the shoe but had no problem. I stuck like glue to the hard packed snow and ice and even considered running over frozen-up Loch Ore last night for the ultimate test... best not try that.

There you go then, get out and get sprinting!

Next up in the series of "How To Do Stuff"... How to make your own grit when you've spent all your money on council tax... How to make a snowplough out of the empty grit box at the end of your street...How to make gas... Stay tuned...


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

And when the ice has gone, you can peel your totties with them :-)

I've seen everything now. Right, I'm off to hide the tacks and hammer.

Brian Mc said...

I already know how to make gas. More beans please ...

kate said...

i assume the same principle applies to crutches

John Kynaston said...

What a great public service your blog is providing!

Keep them coming!


Jane said...

I was getting cabin fever caused by this ice preventing me from running. Adapted my shoes this evening and have already had a brilliant run out there on the sheet ice. Thanks for saving running!

Anonymous said...

Hey Richie, you're doing Billy the Shoe out of a job!

Great post, it should appeal to all Scotsmen ;-)))

Is this the secret of how to run WHW in sub 16:30???? Very kind of you to share it with us!


Subversive Runner said...

You are truly barking mad, Richie, my old mucker. The last time I had a nail in my running shoe it attached the shoe to my foot. By the way....I have a home made tattoo that I created using Indian ink and one of them there carpet tacks.

Fiona Rennie said...

Decisions, decisions… give a girl a choice you know it’s gonna take ages to decide. Nail my shoes to my feet or do a tattoo!

flanker said...

or just get some mudrocs, x-talons or mudclaws?!

I've used the screws before, but I don't fancy long sharp things embedded in the sole of my running shoes!

Deeko said...

My poor Wave Harriers are having nightmares at the Spanish Inquisitionesque type treatment!

Keith Hughes said...

I am off to experiment - I borrowed some Yak Traks from Adrian today, but now realise I can save £20 on getting my own pair... You are truly an inspiration to us all.. :-)

Peter Duggan said...

Sounds great till you start meeting intermittent ice, head indoors (onto the parquet flooring?) without thinking or get a tack in your foot! ;-)


sam said...

Steve Fallon told me about this - I've used it as inspiration to make an ice tyre for the mountain bike (to hopefully get round at least some of the 'puffer course this weekend).It worked well in tests last night and I'll report back next week...

Sam H.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Debs - i bet he found the hammer!

Flyin Brian - yep, i remember from Cham

Kate - get back on that couch!

John - glad to be of service, lots more where that came from...

Jane - I really saved running?! cool!

Murdo - i think it might work in mud too, hmmm

Dave - i hope you've had a tetanus!

Fiona - splash out and do both

Flanker - its much cheaper than buying new shoes, just don't use 6" nails!

Deeko - i used wave harriers too, they were the best so far

CB - YakTracks they're far too posh!

Pete - yep, i thought i was going to get chucked out the Copie the other night... oops

Sam - thats mega, would love to hear how you get on with it

日不落 said...


Ben said...

Done that it worked brilliantly. Right when is the next how to? Can it be how to be as fit as you thought you would be if you had done all the running you had planned to do by now? ... please, thanks

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Ben, is that one of those conundrums monks meditate on for years...??!

Billy said...

Hi Richie,

Belatedly saw this post but now the snow's all gone :-( Great idea! The simplest ones are often the best. I've thought of trying to make spikes in the past but believed it would be end up too complex or weighty.