Monday, 26 April 2010

I'm Not A Runner, I'm A Very Naughty Boy

Well I didn't half blow that one!

There's nothing like that horrible feeling of grinding to a halt halfway up Loch Lomond.

Like a novice i stuck two fingers up to a mega miles training week only 2 weeks ago and stepped on the gas just before Balmaha, racing with Thomas the crazy German who was running a blinder. About 5 miles later I discovered the tank was empty. By the time i got to Rowardennan (27 miles) the gods of the quads had declared "let there be mush" and my quads were mush. I hastily made some foot repairs at the checkpoint, tried to revive myself with the contents of my drop bag and pushed on determined to work through the bad patch. I was glad to see the back of the very runnable first half of the race and felt sure that i could click into my rythmn on the rougher sections of Loch Lomondside but it wasn't to be. I was struggling to keep up with some of the supervets from the earlier start and by the time I reached Inversnaid (34 miles) i had decided to jog it in to Beinglas and call it a day. It wasn't a day for toughing it out, i've done plenty of that over the last few weeks, and i didn't want to risk pushing on to possible injury either.

In the back of my mind i think i knew this was going to happen and the reasons are pretty obvious, so no point in getting hung-up on it.

Apart from my DNF I really enjoyed the day, it was great to see so many friends and i even survived the pub with some dodgy weejies from Garscube and all their trophies followed by a night at the ceilidh with a subversive bloke!

Well done to everyone who ran it and thanks to Murdo and Ellen for making it possible and to those who marshalled and gave encouragement. On to the next one!


John Kynaston said...

Richie - you inspire and challenge lots of us with your exploits and the quality (and quantity) of your runs but now you've also encouraged that you too are human and we all (even you) have an off day now and then.

Hope the training goes well between now and the big one!

Brian Mc said...

Bummer, but you'll be back for more I'm sure. Also, seeing yourself have a bad day with a DNF makes it clear that finishing isn't guaranteed in these races for anyone.

This year has been a real mix of great and poor for me, and the poorer races have probably resulted from me taking things a little too much for granted on the day, and not quite having the right gear with me / not taking care of myself en route enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm even more worried about Richie now. Richie Cunningham is Hard Man enough when things go right. Now it has gone somewhat pear shaped he's going to be on even more of a mission to prove his Real Hard Man status.

Us mere mortals should be afraid. Very afraid ;-)

He'll be back. With a vengence.


Marco Consani said...

Hey Richie,
It was great to catch up with you on Saturday but horrible to hear that you had pulled out. You did the right thing cause battling on would just mean a longer recovery.
You are in great condition but just had an off day. I am sure that come June you will have a stormer.
Take care and I will see you soon.


allybea said...

Hope it wasn't your pre race meal of chips and curry sauce!!

Sorry you had a bad one but it happens to everyone at some point.

Look after yourself and see you at the next one :)

Ali x

Subversive Runner said...

It was an honour to chat with you at the ceilidh, not 'cos you've achieved so much with your running, but 'co I was drinking with a certified former 'pints of Buckfast' man. I am not worthy!!

Thomas said...

Richie, it was right to pull out at Bein Glas. There is a bigger race coming up and no one wants you to ruin that.
I do expect great things from you in seven weeks!


Keith Hughes said...

I think everyone else has said everything.. Less is more ! Stay hard, don't compromise UNTIL the 12th of June !! Then maybe just a 50 mile week .. All the best ! CB

kate said...

sounds like you made a good decision. keep your eye on the big one. and anyway, the fling wasn't a race, it was just a training run ;)

sorry i wasn't too chatty. i collapsed in my bed about 5 minutes later. hope you're recovering well. see you in june...