Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Ultramaraton Fuego Y Agua

I've now had my entry confirmed and booked the flights for this wee adventure, Fuego y Agua 100K in Nicaragua on the 13th of December.

It's a 100K race around Omotepe Island, a volcanic island on Lake Nicaragua. The course is a mixture of dirt tracks, jungle and sandy beaches... then there's the climbs...!

The first volcano, reached after 30k, is the dormant Volcan Maderas which is 1394 metres and the second, reached after 80k is the, still active, Volcan Concepcion at 1610 metres (it last showed some movement in 2005, throwing out ash but never erupted). The climbs don't go right up to the craters for safety reasons but the total ascent is about 2900 metres.

Volcan Maderas (Top) and Volcan Concepcion

Anyone know where I can get heat proof soles for my Inov8's??!


Thomas said...

mhhh, sunshine, no clouds, jungle... sandy beaches...
Nice choice... but don't get LOST

But honstly that sounds like a plan for December - good luck with that!
Looking forward to reading the report.


Brian Mc said...

Well, you'll not have any problems with traction or purchase as your trainer soles gradually melt away! ;-)

Looks cracking fun, great looking climbs.

John Donnelly said...

looks fantastic Richie. Look forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck.