Monday, 27 October 2008

A week on from Tooting

It's been a week or so now since the 24 hour and my recovery has been pretty good, no lasting niggles or injuries to report.

I have been going over the race a lot in my head and have got the full splits now, which make interesting reading (if you're an anorak like me!)

My 100 mile time was 17:58:08, 100K 9:45:50 and 200K was 22:41:07.

When I look at the second placed runners splits I was ahead of him until 120K at 12 hours+ then he carried on with his consistent pace while I slowed down so maybe my pacing was a bit out, plenty to think about for next time. Talking of next-time I'm looking for another 24 hour event in the early part of next year not sure what there is but I think I might have to go to Europe to find one.

While plotting and planning various races for next year I've realized my hill races are becoming very few and far between. I plan to do Tinto in a couple of weeks time, then next year the only one I really want to do is Stuc a Chroin because it was my first ever hill race (I think it was my first ever race of any kind in fact) back in 1998, what an introduction to racing! I remember I went home afterwards and had to go straight to bed! I'm sure I'll fit a few others in as well, though.

So the focus is going to be on ultras again next year with the excellent Vasque series making up the bulk of the races and hopefully I can get into the High Peak Marathon again (deceptively named since it's 40 miles and I remember more peat(bogs) than peaks!) another race I said I would NEVER do again, it was pure hell all the way... but if I can just do a bit more of this and a bit less of that I could maybe shave a few minutes off here..... yes, when that "but" leaves my mindset I'll know it's time to hang up the racing shoes and get a good pair off plodding shoes instead! Until then I'll still be weighing my Go Bars and cutting the bottoms off my trousers to save a few grams.... I'm waffling now, time to get back to some running!

P.S Thanks to everyone for the comments and the emails I recieved about the race.


kate said...

hi richie, you've really caught my imagination with your report from the 24hr run...mmm, will it be the same time of year in '09?
looking forward to reading more adventures!
ps-i came across your blog via sarah's blog of running.

Tim said...

Hi Richie, a belated congratulations on your 24hr race performance. A great read and an inspiring one.

Your personal observations on your energy levels later in the event I find fascinating. I think all ultra runners experience periods when we ought to be completely knackered and yet, somehow, we find hidden reserves. I'm not sure if there's a good physiological explanation or whether it's just proof that a lot of what we perceive as fatigue is actually more mental than physical.

Anyway, I'm waffling. Great run!

Brian Mc said...

I'll see you at some of the Vasque races next year, incl. the HP40. Mine will probably be the Wuthering, the Marlborough, the HP40 and one other. I'm hoping the Fling will be counted this year as one of the races.

Other than the Vasque I am toying with the Lawbreaker, a wee hill race on Boxing Day up the Law in the Ochils. Then there's the Greenmantle Dash on the 2nd. Might see you there?

I'll also be entering the OMM and maybe one more mountain marathon. Not sure which one.