Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The First Big Weekend

"went out for the weekend, it lasted for ever, high with our friends, it's officially summer" goes the Arab Strap song, it seems strangely appropriate.

I got home late last night after four days running on the West Highland Way, it was amazing fun, highs and lows all over the place and I'm a bit tired now so this is just a brief summary.

I left Milngavie with a rucksack full of biscuits and coke on Saturday morning, planning to run to Fort William and back in four days. It didn't quite work out but here's how it went.

Saturday - Milngavie to Beinn Glas farm (41 miles)

Sunday - Tyndrum to Fort William (43 miles)

Monday - Fort William to Tyndrum (43 miles)

Tuesday - Tyndrum to Milngavie (53 miles)

180 miles in four days, you wouldn't believe how much I've eaten!!!

Full details coming up..........


John Kynaston said...

Hi Ritchie

It was great to run with you on Sunday.

I didn't realise you were running Tuesday as well as Monday!

Remember I'd love to read your fitness report from Hampden. My email is

See you soon


kate said...

ace! can't wait to hear the details. full calorific break down too please ;)

Pete said...

Nice work-you are an animal!

Billy said...


That's serious stuff! Hope the mileage pays off.


Thomas said...

180 miles. Phew. Don't know what to say. But what to you mean "First" big weekend???
There is more to come? Frightening stuff. Karnazes proportions. But make sure you take the time to recover from this!

See you at the Fling!

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

thanks for all the comments, the report is coming... soon..!
CG... the only thing me and Karno have in common is a craving for junk food on the run...!! ;)