Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Highland Fling - Preview

Saturday is the Highland Fling Race, 53 miles on the West Highland Way. This will be the third time I've ran it, in 2007 I ran 8:44, then in 2008 I dropped that to 8:23 in really wet conditions (and also stopped to take my shoe off and patch up a blister) so this year I'm hoping it's going to stay dry with no hitches and I can make it 3 PB's in a row. I've ran a lot of mileage in the last few months so maybe that will catch up on me later in the race, but I think I've got it right with the build-up... I'll soon find out!! I'll update via Twitter when I get finished.

There's going to be a mens team from Carnegie for the first time in the Fling so hopefully we can all do well, so, good luck to everyone taking part and remember to save me a fishcake supper in the chippy.....


John Kynaston said...

Have a great race Ritchie.

If we both achieve 3 pb's in a row then I reckon you'll catch me around Auchtertyre.

Be nice to me on your way past!!!


Thomas said...

Did you just do a 50k run two days ago? If that is taper, what is normal training?
Anyway, see you tomorrow!

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Thomas! I'm not THAT mad, the 50k is on a 2 mile loop so I just ran a couple of them (loops not 50k's!)to see what the course is like, see you tomorrow :o)