Wednesday, 23 July 2008

An Evenings Cattle Rustling

23/7 15 miles, 2630' ascent, 2:21

Headed over Benarty Hill and decided to go Coo dodging again on the way up to Blairadam Forest. It was an out and back job with some battling through nettles and bramble bushes and a few stops to eat blaeberries which are covering the hill now, I must remember my tupperware dish next-time. I have to cross a field to get into the forest and the last-time I was charged by about 40 massive beasts who started chasing me and as they picked up speed I realised I was going to be mowed down, so I stopped and waved my hands at them and made those kind of YAARRR noises John Wayne makes in the films. This did the trick. I wasn't going to get caught-out this time though so I scampered very lightly past and the dafties didn't even notice me this time, too busy chewing that cud stuff. Anyway, the return was a different story. Daisy and her mates, bored brewing milk and whacked-up on cud stuff, had spotted me as soon as I entered the field and broke into a jog alongside me, then the rest of the dozy beasties sprang to life gathering speed just behind. I decided the only safe option was to jump the fence into the next field but this meant running through the stingiest nettles in Fife for about 400 metres, OUCH! I played it cool though for the audience in a nearby garden, trying to look like it was all part of the training running through six foot tall nettles. Why do they always pick on me??!

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